New Profile Pic and Rambling Thoughts

Janette said I needed to get rid of that kindergarten picture. It brought back bad memories (the hairdo). : )

My two little grandsons will be arriving before lunch tomorrow to spend the whole weekend with us. I will have them until Monday night. Danny told me this afternoon that he told Joshua he was going to go to Grandma Shari's tomorrow and Mommy and Daddy were going to Chicago. Then he added "But when you get bigger, I'll take you to Chicago with me." To which Joshua replied, "Don't want to go to Chicago. I wanna go to Grandma Shari's house." to a grandma's ears!

I told John this is what I have been waiting (all my life) for. I will never forget how much Danny LOVED to go to Grandma Jane's.

I went to Publix this afternoon with the list Rebecca gave me of food ideas. I think I got carried away. I spent $182. Not that everything was solely for the boys or will be consumed this weekend. But let's just say we will have lots of options.

I am only going to have a couple of hours (during afternoon naps) to myself for the next few days. But I'm quite sure I will be posting some pictures of my little munchkins. Joshua is such a homebody. When we're out running around, he often says, "I need to go home now." I fully expect to hear that at some point this weekend. Fortunately, I have a fish pond to distract him with.

Have I mentioned how much I love being a grandma?


Anonymous said…
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Janette said…
That default picture of you is MUCH better. Thank you! :) LOL