Goodnight Again!

Where do the days go? I was saying to John just last night, "Here we are again, getting ready for bed. It seems like we were just doing this a few minutes ago. The days go by so fast and yet another one is gone."

I haven't had much of a chance to blog this week. I spent Monday volunteering. I spent yesterday with Rebecca, Joshua and Andrew. And I spent most of today in Nashville, having my annual physical and the dreaded mammogram! It's always nice to have that over with for another 365!

I finished reading Clapton in the waiting rooms today. It was a good book and I'm glad I read it. There just wasn't a whole lot of writing inspiration in it beyond what I shared Sunday. I'm looking forward to starting something more spiritually thought provoking next.

In case anyone is wondering...I have not been doing too well on my healthy eating lately. I think I am officially and completely off the wagon. I made peanut butter cookies for the Super Bowl game and all week I haven't stopped eating them. I should have sent them to work with John Monday morning, but I didn't. Yesterday I had cheese pizza for lunch. Last night I had a chili dog for dinner. (I told myself I didn't really do that badly because I could have eaten more than one and I didn't. Ha!) Tonight we had grilled cheese sandwiches on Milton's bread (with butter). In other words, I am back to eating whatever I want. And I haven't been eating nearly as many veggies, either.

I definitely notice that when I'm eating more bad carbs and sugar, I want them more. When I'm avoiding them with fewer splurges, I don't miss them nearly as much. But I have only gained back three of the nine pounds I lost. So I'm not in panic mode yet. The operative word being YET! But I do need to get disciplined again.

My blood pressure today was 102/62. Thank goodness for the treadmill and the stair master! If I had to rely on my disciplined eating, I would be up a creek without a paddle.

I was talking to a friend on the phone tonight, giving him the benefit of my cholesterol knowledge. He said I had told him more about cholesterol than his doctor ever had. He suggested I start a web site entitled, "Questions you didn't think to ask." That cracked me up. I know a few other people who would tell me the same thing (because I am always expounding on something!).

Unfortunately, just having the knowledge doesn't achieve the results. You have to incorporate the knowledge into making the right choices based on the knowledge. I seem to be better at collecting information than consistently applying it. But at least I do know what I need to be doing.

I have noticed that since I've been eating more junk again, I am a lot more tired in the mornings. Or maybe I'm just getting old. Speaking of getting old, it's about that time...Goodnight, again.