My Disclaimer at the top...

Underneath the title of my blog is the explanation of the title, where I mention that I tend to think out loud. For those of you reading my blog, please know that I am simply posting my thoughts here. My thoughts seem to include quite a bit of reflection on my past. My past continues to have an impact on me as I try to grow in God. It seems that nearly everything I read or experience connects to a past experience or past events in some way. I am forever contemplating the difference between what I once believed and what I now believe about God -- and why. One thing I am more convinced of than ever is how important truth is and that the true gospel be preached.

I am posting to a small group of friends who know bits and pieces of my personal testimony. Sometimes I wonder if, while reading my posts, any of you may wonder why I still need to revisit these past events. I can't completely answer that question, even for myself. And I realize that not everyone can or will understand my need to talk about these things. But this is my spiritual journey. And my blog is a discussion of that ongoing journey.

No matter how long I live as a Christian, I know that at the end of my life, I will still be learning. And I believe part of that process will be reflecting on the past and what I have learned from it.


Danny Bryant said…
well said, mom. i question why i had to grow up in a cult so often. i hate the baggage that i have because of it. i read a line in a book today that said francis schaffer was against the world for the world. it resonated with me because of stands i have felt had to be taken against the place where i grew up and still love so many people. i feel like we have been called to be against them for them. it isn't an easy, enjoyable, or sought after call, but it is certainly the call of the gospel.

thanks for sharing your thoughts. i feel what you feel.
Anonymous said…
People with Messianic Complexes tend to see themselves as saviours to a specific group of people or a specific field, making claims of their own glory, or claiming a self awareness of their own gift and how that gift can affect a group of people or a field of life.
Danny Bryant said…
and those who have been saved by the messiah's grace are under obligation to share his good news with the world.

romans 1:14-15
I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome.