This is our last night in Scottsdale and we will fly home tomorrow. We've had such a nice time. But since I tend to eat a little bit more every day, I think it's time to go. I won't be surprised if I have gained three or four pounds since Saturday. It's amazing how thin I felt just a few days ago and how different I feel tonight.

We haven't taken that many pictures, but we did take some last night in front of the hotel Christmas tree just before going to dinner.

I have continued to fight my sinuses the whole trip, although I'm better. But I get so congested at night, I have been trying to sleep propped up on pillows so I'm not completely horizontal. It's helped with the congestion, but it destroyed my neck. I went first thing this morning to get worked on by a neuro-muscular massage therapist. She helped me a lot.

Anita and I walked the grounds for over an hour this morning, then got cleaned up, went to lunch at El Torito and shopped while the guys played golf. Then tonight we all went to dinner. I am miserable from eating too much and can't wait to get back on my eating program. I'm not looking forward to finding out exactly how much damage I've done.

I had planned on posting something to my blog sooner, but I read Danny's website about Madeline Adams and somehow I just couldn't write about having fun on a trip and what great food I was eating after reading about what this family was going through. (If you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can read the blog by clicking on the Abundant Redemption link provided. Just scroll down and look for links on the right hand side of the page.) This mother's post to her caring bridge journal moved me to tears. She just lost her little girl to a brain tumor that was only diagnosed in January of this year. But in spite of the sadness, it was so beautiful and filled with faith. I recommend you read it.

Most of you reading this already know that my husband lost his 18 year old daughter just a few months before we got married. She had a severe asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest, never regaining consciousness. We were engaged at the time. I will never forget watching him sob at her hospital bedside, saying good-bye. And then for all the months and years that have followed, I've seen his quiet faith, peace and acceptance of God's will. This is a peace that only God can give. I've witnessed it in John and I sensed it in the mother of this child. My heart breaks for her loss and yet rejoices for the hope and comfort she has in Christ.