Good Monday Morning

This has been a busy week and I haven't had a chance to post since the day after we got home. I keep waiting, hoping I'll have time to read and feel inspired to post something meaningful. But that hasn't happened this week. So I thought I would just check in with another less meaningful post! Ha! Hey, I figure that anyone who is bothering to check my blog must just like me, anyway.

Would you believe I am still coughing? At this moment I am having my daily morning coughing attack as I sip a cup of coffee. But I am definitely improving and I see light at the end of the tunnel. I've been sleeping without the aid of decongestants and I took none during the day yesterday. If it weren't for the coughing, I would feel like I was completely over it. Dana, if you are reading this, you'll have to let me know how you're doing! : ) You and I have been running neck and neck with this!

I still have not lost all the weight I gained in Scottsdale. Saturday night messed me up big time. Making healthy choices is such a frame of mind. When I splurge a little, but don't eat everything I'm not supposed to eat in the same meal, I don't gain weight. But when I throw caution to the wind and have whatever I want, the scale jumps. I ate a lot of fried foods (appetizers) at Bonefish and then had Coconut Shrimp (also fried) as my entree' Saturday night. And then I thought, "I might as well have the garlic mashed potatoes, too. They sound so good." And I gained.

I could have written an Erma Bombeck post yesterday about the experience. I was miserable Saturday night. I didn't sleep well. I was awakened by an unfamiliar sensation (acid reflux!) in the middle of the night and jumped out of bed to get some Pepcid. I was so mad at myself for eating so much junk. I even repented for being a glutton. And I was serious.

I really watched it yesterday and drank lots of water. I'm back to 128 this morning. I want to say I learned from the experience and won't eat to excess again. But I know I will.

On a completely different subject, I heard on the news this morning that The Golden Compass was the movie of the weekend according to box office sales. I've heard and read a lot of differing opinions on how we, as Christians, should respond to this movie. I've been really surprised to hear Christians say that we should not keep our children from seeing it because they should be able to make up their own minds and it is fantasy and it's not going to be any threat to Christianity, etc. I have been surprised that there are so many Christians who have read these books, knowing the dark content and that the author is an atheist.

EDIT: I should not have said "so many Christians." I should have said I am surprised that any Christians would read these books. I don't know of many who have. I think I was just shocked when I read a few comments from Christians praising these books. I do not think they are in the majority by any means.

I would like to pose this question. How can a Christian support (by buying and reading the material) the agenda of an atheist who has stated publicly that his goal is to kill God in the minds of children? I'm not afraid of the movie as far as it threatening my faith. But I could not recommend the movie to anyone. In fact, I would urge Christians not to go to this movie. But not out of a desire to control others or force Christianity on anyone. I could not see this movie or buy the books because I cannot contribute financially to an agenda that is opposing God. Now, of course, I confess to being a hypocrite. I can't honestly say I have never watched a movie that in some way violates Christian principles. But there are lines I will not cross. If we cannot draw the line at supporting the agenda of atheism, where WILL we draw the line? My goal is to be working on that line so that it becomes more sensitive, not less. I just can't understand how lightly some people view these books. Why would a Christian want to read such dark material? I thought we were not supposed to embrace darkness. I really am perplexed by this. And I welcome comments, if anyone has one. (I seem to get email comments and no comments on the blog, but I would love to see someone else post an opinion on this.)

Well, it's time for me to wrap this one up. Today is my day to volunteer at the church and I need to get going. Have a wonderful day!