Christmas Eve Eve

Joshua shows Nikki his Thomas bed.

Watching the Titans. (Danny, John, Lexi & Chris)

Rebecca and Joshua

Cheryl and Karlie

Shari and Cheryl in the kitchen (where we belong).

Matt and Andrew

The Gang

Opening presents...


Danny Bryant said…
we're definitely blessed.

thanks for throwing the christmas eve eve party.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your pictures.
It is so good to see everyone.Have a Wonderful Christmas. Always know that your family is very loved by the Brady's.
Shari said…
And your family is loved by all of us, Rachel!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures. I showed John my picture gallery and he said, "You put ALL those pictures on your blog???" I said, "Yeah." And I thought to myself, "That's the fun of having a blog! I can post as many pictures as I want. Nobody has to look unless they want to! Ha Ha.