To my absolute shock, I lost another pound this morning. This is the easiest "diet strategy" I have ever tried. And the results are amazing. I am eating good carbs and watching saturated fat. This is not an Atkins type eating plan. I never liked that diet and always thought it was unhealthy for one's heart and colon. (And when your mother dies at 49 of colon cancer, you pay attention to things like that.) This is a very balanced diet (especially if you don't stay on phase one too long, or begin on phase two).

I think what has helped me to resist the bad carbs/high glycemic index foods is understanding WHY I should only have them occasionally, if at all. If I were only thinking about calories, I would be having my instant Hazelnut coffee (loaded with sugar) right now. But now that I understand what it does to my blood sugar first thing in the morning and how it could contribute to setting me up for cravings the rest of the day, I don't want it badly enough to have it. My motivation not to have it is greater than my desire for it.

I think Tuesday will mark five weeks since I began my diet. I have lost 9.2 pounds. And I feel fantastic.