Please say a prayer for Joe and Susan

Tomorrow my cousin's husband is going into Vanderbilt to prepare for a stem cell transplant. He has Multiple Myeloma. If you happen to read this, whether you know him or not, I would like to ask if you would say a prayer for him that he achieves the best possible success from this treatment and has no serious complications to impede his recovery. I know that God is able to make this treatment even more successful than the highest expectations of the doctors. And that is what I have been praying for.

Please take a moment to pray for Joe. And please also say a prayer for my cousin, Susan. I know that I would need lots of prayer to get through this if it were my husband being admitted tomorrow. I don't see Joe and Susan as often, since moving an hour away. But I love them so much and have thought of them and prayed for them continuously ever since Joe's diagnosis earlier this year. Joe is in his mid-forties and his family needs him to be around for a long time!!!