Top Five Things I'm Grateful For in 2020!

A friend of mine posted five things she was grateful for in 2020 on Facebook. I'm borrowing that idea from her "because, yes, while parts of 2020 have been a total sh**show, other parts have been wonderful."

There are more than 5, but...

Here are my top five:
1 - I am grateful that John and I are both healthy. John has lived with CLL (a chronic leukemia) for 14 years now. There have been periodic bumps in that road. But newer drugs have made a big difference in successful treatment. And God has been our true source of resilience and quality of life. A normal lifespan with CLL is a reasonable expectation these days. And I thank God every day for OUR health; but especially John’s continued remission and overall good health.
2 - The past year has resulted in less connection with some that I love. But in spite of the Covid challenges and distancing, a few friendships have truly blossomed and deepened. Those connections have sustained me, encouraged me, kept me laughing, kept me from sinking on some days, and helped me share the grief and frustrations of 2020. I am so thankful for these friends; their empathy, understanding, love, support...and for constantly making me feel less alone. Thank you for checking on me and keeping in touch.
3 - I am thankful we did not lose our business in 2020. There are many challenges in keeping a business going during a pandemic. The stress in the beginning was especially heavy. I watched my husband work so hard, and worry constantly about our employees and ourselves and the future. Sleepless nights, included. Anyone who has ever had their own business knows that money is always going out even if it’s not coming in. Add to that stress —of just staying in business— the concerns for everyone’s health and safety (employees and customers). It’s a lot. And then there are the stresses I can’t even go into. This year has been one of compounded stress. And yet, we have survived. And morale is better and higher than ever. I am so thankful for our team and our John Howerton Honda family of customers. I hope we always keep you happy and coming back to us because we take good care of you.
4 - I’m thankful for my home. I’ve not had an easy time adjusting to leaving Nashville and living in WV. It’s a beautiful state with some really wonderful people. I have made some good friends here. And I know God had a purpose for us being here beyond the business endeavor that prompted our move. But Nashville is still home. And I constantly miss my life and people there. However, I have loved my red house. It’s been my haven in WV. It’s not fancy or pretentious. It’s cozy but spacious in all the right areas. And I love my kitchen. We almost sold this house in 2020 and downsized. It seemed like a good decision at the time. But I wasn’t thrilled to leave the home I had grown to love. I was being adaptable and willing. God prevented the sale from going through (just days before closing) and we had no choice but to unpack (Yes, I was almost totally packed up) and stay. I’ve thanked God for my home and that we are still here just about every day since. God knew best. And God is in the details (whether you know this or not).
5 - I am thankful for food. My heart breaks every time I see cars in lines at food banks on the news. I have never been hungry for lack of food in my whole life. I don’t think I’ve ever feared not having enough food. And I’ve thought regularly about what a blessing it is to be able to say that. I have had enough food all year to make cooking and baking my creative outlet and a way to be productive during this time of isolating. It has given me purpose as well as sustenance and enjoyment. And to think that food is at my fingertips through an app and outdoor pickups. What conveniences we have available to us for such a time as this. I’m thankful continually for food and the opportunity to create comforting meals for John and me (and occasionally others). Every morsel of food and goodies I’ve been blessed to share with someone else this year has brought me such joy and satisfaction.
I’m going to keep these concluding words from my friend’s post...
“Friends, I don't know what 2021 has in store for us, but I'm grateful to turn the Etch-a-Sketch upside down, give it a good shake, and start fresh! Make it a great year!”
Let’s start 2021 with gratitude!!! ❤️