Random thoughts during a pandemic...

I wrote this as a Facebook post this morning. But I'm adding it to my blog.

I have never cared less about my hair. But I have never cared more about my hair stylist.
I don’t find it that hard to stay at home personally. But I really feel compassion for those of you who do. Especially those with young kids.
I don’t feel controlled by the government. But I understand why some of you resent it or fear it.
I don’t want to silence the media or stop watching the news. I want the news. I even want to hear opinions. But I understand why the media gets on people’s nerves. The media is comprised of humans. The audience is comprised of humans.
I don’t appreciate it when someone who doesn’t even know me tells me on facebook that I just need to turn off the news (as a way to dismiss me). But I accept that it may happen when I enter a discussion online with people who don’t know me. I try to remember that there’s more to that person than the condescension I feel from them. They are human too. And I have no idea how they are experiencing me.
I am thinking constantly about how much harder this would be “if....”
In other words, focusing on the challenges I don’t have instead of the ones I do. But I still have challenges.
I believe I’m in the best state I could possibly be in for this pandemic. Our governor may be ‘country,’ but he rocks in my opinion. He made wise decisions early to protect our state. It’s no coincidence we quickly flattened the curve. This is one time I love being last or lowest in a statistic. And as much as I look forward to getting back to a more normal life, I’m thankful he’s still being cautious. I’m glad we came home to WV just before the ‘stay at home’ took effect. But I still miss Nashville.
I’m finding meaning, fulfillment and purpose in small, random acts of kindness. By cooking, baking, and sharing from my porch, I am able to do something that feels like giving a hug while I can’t give one physically. But I still miss the physical hugs. (Others may prefer the food! Ha!)
I am reminded daily what an amazing and wonderful man I am married to. He shows up in the kitchen at just the right time to wash the dishes I’ve used while cooking and baking. He uploads the dishwasher before I come out of the bedroom. He even removes some items from the dishwasher to hand wash because they take up too much space (something I never do). 🥴😂 He thanks me for sanitizing our groceries and doing the laundry, and for just taking care of him. He’s thoughtful, considerate and kind. He makes me laugh. And he is a great pandemic partner. But we’ve still had our tense moments. (The only thing he’s called me is a Democrat. 😉😂 ) He goes back to his game shows and I go back to the kitchen. But we both apologize for our shortcomings.
I’m enjoying meal planning and cooking more than I can remember in years. But I still miss going out to eat.
I’m working out 45 to 60 minutes every day on my elliptical (level 15). But I’ve still gained weight.
I may be reminded of my differences from others daily through this. But I’m also reminded daily of how much I love all of you just as you are. The world doesn’t need a population of clones. We need each other; differences included. Yet we are probably more alike than we realize...in so many ways.
We will always have differences. But MAY WE visit each other’s pages and posts to affirm each other and express appreciation as much as we do to challenge one another and express our opinions! Especially in these times of heightened stress and uncertainty. Just a suggestion you may take or leave. And one I need to practice myself.
What got me started on this was watching my friend and hair stylist Liz in her video post this morning. I have never cared less about my roots. But I can’t wait to see YOU again in person. I care about what this is doing to your business and your life. And I will always need your expertise ... right along with your friendship! 😘