Finding My Voice...

Today our writing assignment in the 21-day challenge was to email five friends or family members and ask them to describe me and/or my writing in three words or phrases. Once I receive their responses, I'm to write something that embodies what they have said about me. This exercise is intended to help us find our voices as writers. (I'm not sure I need help with that.)

So far, I have received four responses and I'm hoping I will receive two more while I'm still writing this blog post. I'm not sure if I should identify these friends by name. So I'll just list them in the order I received their responses.

Here are the first three:

Friend #1


Friend #2


Friend #3 gave me paragraphs, bless her beautiful heart!
Let's see... where do I begin!?
She is a dynamic woman, fully engaged in life, lovingly reaching out to others, be it a friend or stranger. She has an ENORMOUS heart of compassion, always striving to understand and respond in truth and love.
She has strong convictions regarding her personal beliefs, never compromising her principles, even if that means she may experience pain or hurt.
She is the most honestly open friend I know, with an amazing ability to write and speak with such clarity.  Her writings reflect her keen awareness of others and a desire to understand all perspectives, validate the reader and come full circle to a solid, fully articulated conclusion.
Shari is a beautiful woman, a loving friend and a true blessing in my life!

Friend #4

1. Vulnerable/Transparent/Honest
2. Introspective 
3. Intelligent 
How do I write about the sentiments of others and/or their descriptions of me? I feel self-conscious posting the third friend's comments because she was SO generous in her description of me. It almost leaves me speechless. (Well, I said almost.)
I certainly don't feel beautiful or amazing. But I'm glad someone thinks I am. (Thanks, dear friend!) 
The other adjectives? 
Yes, I must say I do see myself as vulnerable, introspective, honest, open, loving, aware of others, pursuing understanding, validating, uncompromising in some strongly held convictions, compassionate, engaged, raw, transparent, passionate. I think I'm as intelligent as the next person, but not exceptionally so.
I hope I am an empowering friend to those around me. I strive to be.
Touching? I know I have touched a few hearts along the way. 
I would probably add ADVOCATE.
And I would have to add a few less flattering adjectives to be balanced!

First of all, I'm addicted ...
(to Facebook)

I'm bossy sometimes. I have been called pushy and abrasive, though not recently. And when I reflect on the people who called me that, I know it probably wasn't completely fair or honest. But I still care about being perceived that way and try to remember that my directness can be misunderstood if I'm not self-aware and cautious with my words and tone.
I've noticed that sometimes I'm opinionated and even argumentative over silly things. And every time I catch myself in that mode (usually with John), I remember my grandma calling me Contrary Shari when I was a little girl. Maybe she was right.
I'm emotional, which is neither good nor bad. It just depends on the day and the circumstances whether it's a strength or a weakness. I could say the same thing about my sensitivity. I love my sensitivity when I'm being sensitive to other people. I don't like it so much when I get my own feelings hurt easily.
I'm still waiting for one more friend or family member to respond. So if you feel like telling me what your three adjectives or descriptive phrases would be for me or my writing, feel free to jump right in. You can post in the comments. And don't feel like you have to be all flattering. My skin has gotten a tiny bit thicker in recent years. Here's your opportunity to tell me what you think!
You have the option to do it anonymously too!
Ready, set, go!


Unknown said…
I'm owning my words... #3 here!
I had to chuckle over my lengthy writing in describing you! I tried to respond so quickly I must have missed the adjective concept! I just ran with describing the women and friend I know and love!
Shari said…
Shelly, I loved what you wrote. And lengthy isn't a problem for me, as you know. He asked for words or phrases. You are the only one who covered the second. My fifth response is in my email and I am just now about to read it. Thank you again for being such a loving, supportive, encouraging friend to me! I love you!