A New Chapter Begins

Ahhhhhhh (my sigh of relief) . . .

I can finally talk about the big changes in our lives!

I am not a secretive person. I am so uncomfortable with being vague or mysterious. I know I don't owe everyone a detailed explanation of my business. And even when someone asks a question, that does not mean I have an obligation to answer. But that's what comes most naturally for me. And it has been extremely challenging for me to be silent about our plans over the last few months. Even sitting in my Bible study group during our last study, I felt like I was hiding something or withholding truth because I knew why I could not commit to the next study and I couldn't say anything.

Nevertheless, there are such things as confidentiality agreements in the world we live in. And my husband was legally bound by one. Therefore, I had to respect and honor his commitment to silence.

But now it's official and I can share my thoughts. And I am very eager to do so because of some of the private reactions I've gotten from friends to the news that we are moving from Tennessee to West Virginia. A few of my friends have assumed I am heartbroken or being enormously self-sacrificing for John's sake. But even though there is some sacrifice involved in being further away from people I love, I feel good about this move and this business opportunity. I'm not unhappy or heartbroken. My strongest emotion is being thrilled for my husband. God has profoundly blessed my life with an amazing husband and marriage. And wherever that takes me, I am going to have a good life with him.

I have always prayed for God to bless my husband's business efforts. He works hard and always tries to honor God in the way he interacts with others; both personally and professionally. So when John was offered this store, I believed it might be God's answer to my prayers. We've both prayed about it, and I have personally asked God to roadblock us unless this was His will for our lives. Only He knows all of the reasons He is bringing us to West Virginia. And I believe God has a plan for us that is bigger than just our business plan. When I am convinced that God is in something and has helped make it happen, I have peace of mind regardless of the aspects that could be unsettling or even challenging. And I am convinced.

I have had time to process all of the emotions involved in this decision. I have made numerous trips to West Virginia to explore the area. And I just want my friends to know that I am very excited about this new business venture and the area we will be living in.

I will still be close enough to make regular trips to Nashville to see my family and friends. It's an easy drive, about six hours and all highway. I'm absolutely certain that when my family sees the area and all there is to do here, they are going to enjoy coming to see us, too. We will be living in the mountains, surrounded by national parks, hiking, fishing, snow skiing, white water rafting, etc. And we will be just five hours from Washington, DC. (I love DC! And a good friend lives there.)

Everyone keeps telling us, "Wait till you see spring here!"

Two years ago, the stress I was struggling with was my husband's failure to respond to chemotherapy. Last January, I almost lost my mother-in-law to a severe bout of pneumonia. Today, they are both doing great on CAL-101, enjoying good health and full, active lives. The only CLL "symptom" John has is a little fatigue. He runs out of steam by late afternoon and can't work long hours. That's it. And that's actually a good thing to come from his diagnosis. He needed to prioritize his health and take a bit more time to rest and relax. And he's come a long way in that area. He finally realizes that he has to make R & R a priority. God works in mysterious ways.

I am so thankful that my husband is healthy and well enough to tackle the challenge of a new business venture. I'm embracing the changes that will include and looking forward to all that God has for us in the state of West Virginia. I know I'm going to make wonderful new friends that I will not be able to imagine my life without.

I know that because that's exactly what happened when I moved to Murfreesboro to begin my life with John!

I look forawrd to sharing more about our new adventure on my blog as we make this transition in the upcoming weeks and months.


justme said…
Very best wishes to you and John on this new venture. I'm so happy for you guys. The area you'll be moving to sounds absolutely beautiful.

...so very happy for you too, Shari, that you were finally allowed to tell us all about it. xo :)
Shari said…
Thanks, Sally! It really does feel good to be able to talk about it finally!
Mary DooWah said…
Just caught up with your blog and your news, Shari! You know I consider Charleston, WV my other "hometown" and my husband was born and raised in WV. I know you will love it there. And as I tell students who are moving...there are new best friends waiting for you there, you just haven't met them yet! And who knows, we might be able to connect on one of our WV trips! Good luck with packing!
Shari said…
Mary, that would be so great! You'll have to let me know when you're coming. I would love to see you again! I can't believe I'm not having any anxiety about the new area I'm moving to. I just feel confident of exactly what you said. New best friends waiting! Just gotta met them!
Anonymous said…
II would love to live in a place as beautiful as you are moving to Shari. We live 9 hours away from our grandson, so 6 hours sounds fabulous to me. Enjoy your new adventure to the fullest. I am happy for you and your hubby.
Anonymous said…
Hi Shari, the last post(anonymous) is from me, Donna Reynolds. I thought that my name would show up.
Deb Light said…
I think West Va.is Beautiful too Shari and it will be only made more Beautiful by you living there!I wish John and you the best of luck and God's Blessing on this new venture.Can't wait to hear all about your new friends and meet up with you to have lunch sometime when you're going through!

Love Ya,
Shari said…
Thanks, Deb! I intended to write a blog post tonight. But I am just too tired and have to get up early in the morning. I can't wait to share some pictures once I get settled into our new place! I think of you every time I see the sign for Johnson City. What you didn't know was that I was thinking of you every time I've seen it since August! All those times I was checking your facebook page for Titans updates, I was on my way home from a trip to WV!!! LOL.