Taking Time to Make Memories!

I doubt I will be blogging at all this week. I am going to the beach with my sister-in-law and teenage nieces. And other than a few Facebook updates and pictures, I'm determined to take a break from being so connected. I want to enjoy every minute of our girl time. The older we get, the more we realize how precious our time is!

I am so excited about our trip. And I'm sure there will be a blog post soon after I'm home. (John ordered a new laptop for me yesterday and it will be waiting when I return.)

Yesterday was Brittany's birthday. She would have turned 26 years old had we not lost her in 2003. We think about her and talk about her a lot. I have written about her on my blog before and I wrote about her in my book. But it dawned on me this morning, after sharing pictures of her on Facebook yesterday, that I should have a picture of her on my blog. So I'm adding one to the side margin. It is one of the last pictures taken of her. She graduated from high school the Friday before she died.

We know we will see her again. But we will always miss her until we do. The first year John and I were married, I had a collage of portraits done (from pictures of Brittany) by my very artistic friends, Terra and Jessica...

The poem in the middle was written for the collage by another friend of mine. It says:

Until again we meet,
Where breath is obsolete,
You adorn our souls,
And greet the One we seek

Take time to enjoy each moment.

Make lasting memories.

And love with all your heart!