A Quick Trip to the Beach...

John and I flew Southwest to Panama City Beach for a few days this week. They have some really good fares if you plan ahead. This trip was originally planned for John's birthday weekend, but we postponed it a week because John needed to be at work the weekend of his actual birthday (for a sales event). We left Sunday morning and reluctantly came home Wednesday night. We had a great time.

I love taking toe pictures at the beach.

We love PCB. We went there for New Year's Weekend with friends of ours and had so much fun. We have always gone to Destin in the past. And Destin is beautiful. But I actually prefer PCB. And the new airport is a big plus -- especially with Southwest flying there.

When we go to the beach we like to relax and do nothing. We work out in the morning and eat very little during the day, saving our calories for dinner. Sunday evening we ate at The Back Porch in Pier Park. We shared seafood nachos and a fried seafood combo platter of shrimp, scallops and crab cakes. Monday night we ate at Saltwater Grill, which was the food highlight of the the trip. I had an early bird filet with a small lobster tail add-on. John had Grouper Imperial. Grouper is one of John's favorites and he always lets me taste his food. Grouper doesn't normally blow me away. It's just not something I order with all the other choices available. But this Grouper was incredible. I want to say it was the best I've ever tasted. And it was. But I am teased all the time about saying something was "the best I've ever had." So let's just say, on a scale of one to ten, it was a definite ten.

The third restaurant we tried was Pompano's. We probably won't go back. They had excellent lobster, but everything else was just okay.

On our last day we went to The Boatyard for lunch since we would have to head for the airport before dinner. Our friends had taken us there for lunch New Year's weekend. And I had fried shrimp that time, which was excellent. But my friends ordered a sandwich called Konrad's BLT (Bacon, Lobster and Tomato) on grilled sourdough (with banana peppers and a spicy remoulade sauce). Ever since tasting that sandwich, I have looked forward to going back and having one of my own.

We snapped a few pictures on the balcony our last night. We considered changing our flight right up till the last minute. We wanted to stay.

But we knew we needed to come home.

John had to get back to the dealership and I had a lunch date to celebrate a friend's birthday. : )

         The Back Porch

       Saltwater Grill

             The Boatyard


I see more trips to PCB in our future.