"Badge of Recognition"

My blog is apparently being featured as a leukemia resource at the above website.

On the CLL front:
Things are going smoothly at the moment. Marian finished her eight weeks of Rituxan therapy last week. She has had no side effects or problems and is feeling good. She will have more ct scans in the morning and an appointment with Dr. Flinn Thursday. This weekend she will be a free bird -- able to go home for a couple of weeks before her next appointment. From this point on she will just be taking CAL-101 in pill form, morning and night. Her platelets have improved greatly over the last eight weeks. Her WBC is stable and should start to show more improvement in the next few weeks. CAL-101 clears the nodes first and takes a little longer to attack the malignant lymphocytes in the blood and marrow. I'm eager to see what her WBC is Thursday.

John's blood has been normal for months and his lymph nodes continue to shrink on CAL-101 as single agent. They have been visually undetectable for quite a while. He doesn't have to see Dr. Flinn again until mid-January.

I've had my fragile moments as a caregiver in recent months. But I'm feeling upbeat and hopeful that BOTH of my CLL patients are headed for some uneventful months (and hopefully years) with the help of this new treatment. I will keep you posted on their status!