Conversations with my grandsons...

I love how much my grandsons talk about God. Danny and Rebecca talk to them about God and Jesus daily. And even though they are only three and four years old, they constantly share their thoughts about God. Joshua is usually the conversationalist, but since I have had Andrew without Joshua last night and today, he has been doing a lot more talking with me. There is no one here to covertly torment him or try to control him and he has been an absolute breeze. He plays so well by himself. He has eaten better than he does when they are here together. He has been pure sweetness and not one defiant word has come out of his mouth. But he has initiated lots of conversation.

Andrew listed for me all the many people and things that God has made this morning. And then out of the blue (while we were looking at pictures of Pax together) he said, "Grandma Shari, God forgot to make teeth for little babies!" I explained to him that God is so smart, He doesn't give babies teeth until they need them. And when they are first born, they only drink milk, so teeth would just get in the way. But when they start to eat food, they start getting teeth. He just looked at me as if he were taking it all in.

Joshua and I had a conversation Sunday night about his best friend. He told me how much he liked his friend, but said that he didn't know why his friend liked him. I suggested that it was because he (Joshua) was a great guy and a great friend. And Joshua replied, "No, really I'm not. But I do say I'm sorry when I do bad things."

Danny and I talked about the conversation, and how he has tried to teach Joshua and Andrew about the Gospel and repentance from an early age. He and Rebecca don't teach their kids how great they are or to believe in themselves. They teach them that we need Jesus and we need to repent. I know they try to instill humility and compassion in their kids. They are normal boys. They fight and yell and take punches. But I thought Joshua's comments showed four-year-old humility and an awareness that he is not always the greatest friend. I could also sense his appreciation for his buddy. And I hope he always retains this outlook on friendship.

Some people think the most important thing is to think highly of ourselves. But I am drawn to humility. And I loved seeing the seeds that have been planted in Joshua bearing fruit.

Good job, Danny and Rebecca. Grandma Shari thinks you are awesome parents and your boys are so blessed to have you.