Between last night and this morning, I have heard from numerous people who, after finishing the book, want to buy additional copies to give or to loan out to friends. One person told me they want to buy four more copies. Some have already purchased additional copies. And others have let me know they will be soon placing orders for more copies.

As I wrote this book, I carried certain people in my heart from beginning to end. I desperately wanted to reach those people's hearts because of my love for them personally. I longed to reach them. But I have come to the realization since the book was published that I may never reach the people I wanted to reach. God's plan for the book just might be completely different than my own. And I'm at peace with that. Maybe it's a timing thing. Maybe the hearts I wanted to reach will be touched somewhere far down the road and not now. Whatever the plan is, I have learned to rest in God's sovereignty.

When I say I'm at peace, I don't mean to suggest that I will never feel sadness or disappointment over not reaching those I was attempting consciously to reach. I know I will have moments of great sadness over that. But I am learning that there is a deeper peace and a rest found in God's sovereignty that I can still have even in the middle of my greatest sadness and disappointment.

I am encouraged this morning. And I am humbled knowing how many of you are praying for us.

As I went through the Beth Moore study on Esther recently, I was continually inspired. I drew courage from the points Beth would focus us on. There were so many parallels between that study and the things God had shown me as I wrote my book. In the beginning of the study, she made the statement, "You cannot amputate your history from your destiny." She added that we may want to and we may try to, but we cannot.

I have wondered for years why I could not simply walk away from my past and live this wonderful new life that God had given me. I now realize that God never intended for me to be that shallow or that selfish.


Ellen said…
I hope God abundantly blesses the fruits of your labors. I look forward to reading your book as well. Happy Thanksgiving!
Shari said…
Thank you, Ellen. I just checked out your blog and it really looks interesting. I look forward to reading more of it soon. Right now it's almost midnight and I need to go to bed! But I will be in touch. Thanks for leaving this comment. It's nice to know who is reading from time to time! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!