My husband is back

I am so happy to report that John is definitely rebounding from the first week of chemo. He is still dragging and very, very tired. He is trying not to fall asleep (if he lets himself go to sleep this early, he will never sleep through the night). But he is smiling and teasing me again. It's so good to have him back!

Well, I guess we know what to expect next time. And I will know better how to be prepared. One thing is certain; I will make sure we are never without anti-nausea meds the week of treatment!

The nodes are really responding. They are probably 1/3 the size they were at this time last week. I don't even like to think about how low some of his blood counts may be right now. But we will find out next Tuesday when we see Dr. Flinn and blood is drawn. Dr. Flinn predicted we would see a change in the lymph nodes right away and I'm so thankful he was right.

One down, five to go.

I want you all to know how much your personal messages and comments here on my blog have meant to me. I am overwhelmed by everyone's love, concern, support, encouraging words and prayers, and offers to be anywhere and do anything if needed at any time. I told Karen today at lunch that even though there are times when I still battle my fears and emotions, I absolutely NEVER feel alone in this. We are surrounded and enveloped by so much love and support. I know I keep saying it over and over, but I am so very thankful. I know there are people in this world who really do feel alone and have no one to turn to in difficult times. I don't take for granted how blessed I am with loving, concerned friends who would do absolutely anything to help get us through this.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship. You may not be able to be right here with us in every tough moment, but we feel your emotional presence and your prayers all the time.


DeeDee said…
Shari and John, I have been following you closely and Lucky and I have been praying for you both daily. We need you to know that. Even when we are not praying, John is ever on our minds. Lucky last night said "you need to tell her."
I'm so sorry I have neglected to tell you that although I know that you know this. You two are so precious to us!
Shari said…
Thank you, Dee Dee! I love you guys. Thank you for praying for us and YES I did know (and feel) that you were praying and thinking of us. Close hearts don't always require constant contact to know these things. But I do appreciate hearing the words.
Danny Bryant said…
i feel like i may not be choosing the wisest place to share this thought. i don't want to make this about something it's not, but as i read about your friends, my mind went to the fear of those within cults who believe they will never have friends if they leave. god has so richly blessed you (and others of us who have left) with amazing friendships. the support and love you have in your suffering is proof that god is able to give those who leave an abundant amount of friendship and love.
Shari said…
You chose an excellent spot to share that thought. Over and over again through this experience God has reminded me of the fear I once had to overcome, "But I won't have any close friends if...(fill in the blank because there have been many choices that cost me relationships.)"

Not only have I retained some lifelong friends (who also recognized the need to leave), but God has more than doubled the close friendships I have lost. He is a God of redemption and love. And I'm very glad you shared that thought. One of the biggest blessings I have experienced through this ordeal is the awareness of how deeply I am loved by so many and that I don't ever have to fear being alone anymore.

There were so many times that I felt alone even surrounded by people I thought of as friends. I can honestly say that is never the case today. Thanks for sharing that, Danny.