The home stretch update...

I just submitted registration information with the online publisher. Setting up my account will take 48 hours. If there are no delays, I should be able to submit my book and cover by Wednesday. The entire process from account set up to books in print is approximately two weeks. So I am in the home stretch.

The one thing I just noticed--that I had not noticed previously--is that it can take from six to eight weeks for the book to be available through the distribution channels (like Amazon). I am going to print books to be shipped directly to me so that I can ship copies immediately (through my website) to those who have pre-purchased the book. I have only planned to print 250 books up front because I have to pay the printing costs in advance and I don't want to order more books than I can sell. I have pre-sold twenty-four books so far. Many of you have told me personally that you want a book as soon as it's in print, but the advance purchases not only help to cover my initial printing costs, they will give me a better idea of how many books I should order right off the bat.

I presume there will be many people who will want to buy the book anonymously rather than directly from me. Those readers will have to wait until the book is available from other distributors.

If you want to pre-order the book to make sure you get a copy from the first printing, but do not want to use PayPal on the website, you can contact me personally and I will give you my address. You can mail me a check and I will put you on the first shipping list.

I am not trying to persuade anyone to pre-order the book, but it's the only way I can guarantee you a copy from the first printing. I plan to ship the pre-ordered books first. I don't know any other way to determine how many books I should print to sell myself. And I can't afford to spend thousands of dollars only to be stuck with a stack of unsold books!

Additionally, I have learned that the distributors (like Amazon) will price the book themselves. So I can't predict what the cost will be through other sources. I am selling the book on my website for $20 including tax and shipping just to keep it simple and a round number.