Daily Thought

'As if Jesus Christ . . .'

A servant girl, who was once asked how she knew she was a converted Christian, replied: 'Well, you see, I used to sweep the dust under the mat, but now I don't.' It is possible to visit somebody else as if Jesus Christ lived there, to type a letter as if Jesus Christ were going to read it, to serve a customer as if Jesus Christ had come shopping that day, and to nurse a patient as if Jesus Christ were in that hospital bed. It is possible to cook a meal as if we were Martha in the kitchen, and Jesus Christ were going to eat it.

--From "Life in Christ" (Eastbourne: Kingsway; Wheaton: Tyndale House, 1991), p. 79.

The above is from my Daily Thought subscription this morning. They are always good, but sometimes they are particularly timely for me and what's going on in my life.

Every day of late I have been engaging in an intense struggle to do something in the right way. I continually think about pleasing the Lord with my efforts. Sometimes I completely miss the mark on my first attempt. And the last couple of days' efforts have left me mentally and emotionally exhausted. Perhaps I should give myself a few days off, as some have suggested.

That's probably not going to happen. I have to tell you that as I walk through so many memories -- some of them quite painful -- so much of my life is becoming clearer and my deliverance is looking even more miraculous to me with every passing day. Saturday night or Sunday, I looked at John and said, "I'm a miracle." To which he replied, "Tell me something I don't know."


Anonymous said…
Shari,this touched my heart. I'm studying the Torah this year and I have been reminded of The Lord's presence in all our lives:
Perseverance-do not grow weary and lose the way-run the course.
The Lord cares more about our present faith than past failures.
The Lord knows what is in your heart.
Shari said…
Betty, your comment is more timely and appropriate than you will ever know. Thank you. One thing I have definitely learned is to look for how every story in the OT is pointing us to JESUS. There are many good lessons to be found there, but one essential truth and one person is the actual story of the entire bible. Jesus Christ. That reality has changed my life more than any other. Thanks for reading!