Tomorrow's continuation...

I recorded the Glenn Beck show today because I wasn't sure I could get home in time to watch it live. I just finished watching the program while I worked out. Unfortunately, Joel Rosenberg had a hard time giving much information because Glenn Beck was so busy being a dork. I have never watched his show before and I had no idea he was such a goon.

Anyway, the little bit that he did get to say was enlightening and very interesting. He was on at the end of the program and Beck asked him to come back tomorrow to say more. Rosenberg is half Jewish and a Christian. He is extremely knowledgable on Middle East events and biblical prophecy. I can't wait to read his book, Epicenter.


Anonymous said…
Shari, I have sent you some e-mail

they are coming back to me.

What is your e-mail address?

Thank you Ilove you
Shari said…
Hi Lynda,

I sent an email to the most recent address I have for you. But just in case it's wrong, I thought I would post my email address here too!

I love you too and look forward to hearing from you!