Mammogram Day

Okay, so don't read this if the title offends you. : )

Today was my annual check up in Nashville. First a visit to my gyn and then the dreaded mammogram. They have never really been painful for me, although not exactly what I would describe as comfortable either. But today she hurt me and I made her stop and start over! Yikes!

But's better than undetected cancer.

However, I would rather see my gyn any day over the mammogram tech. I sure would hate to have to do that to women all day long.

The best part of the day was when my doctor told me that I was defying my age and, based on the rest of me, my ovaries probably still think they are 20. Too much information? So, what's new about that? I will turn 50 this year, so just take me with a grain of salt. We say what's on our mind more and more as we get older, you know.

John brought me a box of delicious chocolates and we are going to the "My Sweet Valentine" event at church this evening. We have a gourmet dessert buffet and then a clean comedian. It's always a lot of fun.

Tomorrow night I will be making Lasagna, Caesar Salad and garlic cheese bread for my family...Danny, Rebecca, the boys, Mike, Terri and Tucker are all coming out. Can't wait. Then my mother-in-law will be here Sunday. So it's going to be a fun Valentine's weekend at the Howerton home.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!