I love my family <3

We just said good-bye to my cousins from Illinois. We had a great visit with Mike, Terri and Tucker. The kids were not able to join us for dinner last night as planned and we were disappointed about that, but we had a wonderful time.

My mother-in-law will be arriving from Indiana within the next couple of hours and I always enjoy her visits, too. I can't wait for her to get here. I feel so blessed by having family I actually enjoy spending time with.

I have not talked about it in detail on my blog out of respect for their privacy, but my husband and his mom are both under the care of the same specialist for a specific health issue. We have a regular check up (for both of them) on Tuesday and I always feel a little anxiety just before these visits. I am concerned about them and I am a very engaged patient advocate on both of their behalfs. I know we are going to be faced with some treatment decisions soon, for at least one of them; possibly even this week. And this morning I have some anticipatory anxiety building inside me. I feel a bit fragile and on edge. (It's either stress or my doctor is wrong and my insides do know how old they are).

I am so thankful for my husband and his mom. They are blessings in my life. I sure would appreciate your prayers for their health and for the wisdom to make the right decisions concerning treatment options. If you want to say a prayer for me, please pray that I will have an even greater faith and trust in God. I know that the antidote for fear and anxiety is complete trust in my Heavenly Father!