Counting the days...

I can't believe that we will soon be going to Israel. I'm so excited. I have just about everything I need now and I have made my packing list. The few items I still need to pick up are little things (like packages of tissue, which I've been advised to carry with me daily). If this trip is emotional for people who don't cry easily, imagine what it will be like for me.
: D

I am going to carry a notebook and I hope to make some journal entries on a daily basis. I would love to blog something every night we're there. But I know I won't. We decided against taking the laptop because it would be just one additional thing to carry around. And we are determined to travel light. We will each have one checked bag and one carry on. I know that I will have Internet access in the hotels, but I don't know how expensive it will be to make use of. So I don't know if I'll be checking in from Israel or if I will just wait until we're home to blog about the experience. I'm going to play that by ear. John and I have talked about a complete fast from the computer while we're there. I just don't know if either of us can actually do it.

At the moment, I am waiting patiently for the appliance repair guys to show up. My refrigerator went on the blink this weekend. I first noticed it making an unusual humming sound Saturday. We didn't notice that the temps were slowly rising until yesterday. The frozen items are thawing. Only the meat and bulkier items are still frozen. I had to throw out all the ice cream. And a package of frozen raspberries leaked raspberry juice overnight. I didn't even realize I had a package of frozen raspberries.

Last week was packed with activity, visitors and food. We had the kids for two days and one night. Karlie spent two nights with us. When I took her home, Lexi came home with me for two nights. I cooked Tuesday night for my small group (chili), then cooked again Wednesday night when Danny and Rebecca came for the boys (tacos and guacamole). And we had friends over for dinner Friday night (roast, potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, glazed carrots, yeast rolls and pumpkin upside down cake). Saturday night we went to J. Alexander's and last night we went to Olive Garden. So my weight has shot up three pounds again after keeping those three pounds off for two whole weeks. The battle never ends!

I have decided to get serious. I'm going to do a week of South Beach Phase One with the possible addition of Uncle Sam Cereal and blueberries. Last time I did this with the intention of losing five pounds, I lost nine. But all I care about is being comfortable in the clothes I want to take to Israel. And that means five pounds have got to go. Since I work out almost every day, that is entirely possible for me to accomplish in one week if I am very strict with my food intake. That is the area I fail in. If I could develop the same discipline with my eating that I have developed in my dedication to exercise, I would be as thin as Rachel and Lynda. (I wish!) But that is not likely to happen.

Next week we'll be tailgating before the Monday night Titans/Colts game. I will eat. I know I will. But our host is grilling steaks (with baked potatoes) and I'm going to freshly toss a Caesar Salad and bake a banana cake. If I have a whole week of staying on my diet under my belt, I could probably skip the baked potato and dessert. The willpower gets stronger after you've started to see results. At least it does for me. But I am just as likely to not care in that environment. I am very much a social eater.

My mom used to tell me, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." I've tried telling myself that many times. And sometimes I even agree with that statement. But other times food tastes so good that I momentarily do not care about feeling thin. And I have been having a lot of those days lately.

I hope the repair guys arrive soon so I can show up to volunteer at least part of the day. Hopefully we won't need a part that has to be ordered. But I sure am glad this happened now instead of two weeks from now or the week of Thanksgiving. There is always a bright side to everything, you know!