Camp Howerton Pics

I kept Andrew and Joshua Tuesday night and all day yesterday. As I was leaving Murfreesboro, I called to check on Cheryl and discovered the kids were on fall break this week. So I very spontaneously asked Karlie if she wanted to come spend a couple of nights with me. I so miss the days when I was around the corner and the kids could come over and hang out any time. Being an hour away is not like living in another state, but it makes spur of the moment visits rare. However, the plan came together this time. When she said she wanted to come, I headed first for WH to pick her up and then to Franklin to eat lunch with Rebecca and take the boys home with Karlie and me. We had so much fun. The boys went down for their naps just as soon as we got to the house. The above picture is Joshua taking a nap on his Thomas the Tank Engine blow up bed in our room.The above picture shows the peace and contentment Andrew was enjoying as Karlie carried him around for over an hour once he woke up from his nap. He was all smiles and cuddles. He was even giving big brother hugs.
It's funny to watch the interaction of siblings so close in age. Whichever one is "receiving" the hug seems to resist and the one "giving" the hug has control. Later in their visit, Joshua kept following Andrew around and giving him bear hugs that Andrew intensely resisted. I had to explain to Joshua that overpowering Andrew is not the same as hugging him. But he knew what he was doing. : )

There were more hugs for Karlie.

Joshua does not smile on command. But he is saying "cheese."

Andrew enjoying his French Toast.

Karlie is still here and I have really enjoyed her company. I'm sure by this time she's looking forward to getting home. But I'm sure glad she came to see me.