Feeding the fish and getting ready for bed!

Let's just say I have outdone myself with pictures today! Had to share a few more.
I think wrestling may be in the near future...
You can barely see it but there's a basketball hoop stuck to the side of the tub. They love it.
Having their milk before bed...
Oh wait, one more milk drinker gets in on the photo op!
We've had a great day and tomorrow will be even better because Poppy John will be home with us. I'm really tired tonight. I never ate an actual meal once today. I just snacked while I was making things for the kids. By the time they were in bed, I was more tired than hungry. So I had three Ritz crackers with peanut butter and a glass of milk. (John had the kids' leftovers -- chicken tenders, steak fries and green beans.) I guess I better get some rest while I can!


Janette said…
How is it I only just now noticed John drinking his milk and snuggling with a monkey? ROFL!!!
Shari said…
He cracks me up. I left the room to get my camera because I saw the photo op. When I came back, he ran over to the couch and said, "Wait for me!" LOL. I loved it.

The boys think he is so funny. All he has to do is look at Andrew and make one of those faces of his and Andrew just cackles. On Saturday, about noon, Joshua started saying, "I want Poppy John to come home from work now Grandma Shari." When John is here and leaves the room, Joshua immediately wants to know where he is.

Rebecca picked them up tonight. I had planned to walk on the treadmill, but I couldn't get up off the couch. I reclaimed my tub instead. I realized it was time to get out when I startled awake from an all too vivid dream that I was falling down the stairs with Joshua in my arms. That is my biggest fear when I have them. So I go one step at a time very slowly.

I will get up whenever I feel like it tomorrow and not have to feed anyone. But I will really miss those boys!