Day 8

This morning I was down to 128.6. I've lost seven pounds in one week. I didn't eat as much as I should have yesterday. But nothing sounded good. I had a hard boiled egg and nonfat yogurt for breakfast (on the run). I have grown to love Acitvia Light Vanilla Yogurt, by the way.

I worked at the church yesterday, so I took white meat chicken and cherry tomatoes for lunch. I could munch on that at my desk. I went to Sam's and Publix on my way home and was getting pretty hungry. I opened a bag of pistacios while I was shopping at Sam's and munched on a few more while I was putting things away. I knew I hadn't eaten enough food and I was ravenous. But I didn't want to eat any forbidden foods. So I had a sugar free fudge pop (which is allowed). I intended to eat dinner after working out.

After doing 40 minutes on the Stairmaster, I wasn't that hungry anymore. What I really wanted was a salad with shrimp on it and my homemade thousand island dressing (which I keep in the fridge for John almost all the time because he loves it and often eats a salad for dinner). But I couldn't have the thousand island or I would have gone off the diet. I got some lettuce out and was going to make a salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but I changed my mind and had another nonfat yogurt because it sounded better and required no preparation. It was also 8:00 pm by this time and I just didn't really feel like eating.

I know I am not doing the diet properly by not eating. But the biggest challenge for me right now is that it's hard for me to make myself eat something that doesn't sound good. I'm having a hard time trying to think about what to make for my small group tonight because whatever I make, I won't be able to eat. I guess I could make a huge salad and offer everyone else the good salad dressing and some warm bread. The only thing I can eat that actually sounds good to me on a daily basis is my yogurt. Other than that, the best meal I have had that I really enjoyed was that steak and asparagus at B. McNeel's!