Day 6 - A Shorter Post

After my VERY long dissertation yesterday, I'm determined to keep this short!

Yes, I am still on Phase 1 and I have not cheated! My weight remained the same today, but in spite of that, I feel thinner than yesterday.

We did go to B. McNeel's for dinner after church last night and I resisted temptation. Actually, I wasn't that tempted because I really want to do this. There were plenty of things I could eat and stay on the diet. We always have their Bruschetta, which we both love. I couldn't have the bread, but I told John to have it anyway. He wasn't tempting me. I've already lost my five pounds. If I wanted it that bad, I'd just have it. We got baked mushrooms with the tiniest bit of shrimp and crab meat stuffing and a little mozzarella cheese for me. (I had 3 of them.) And I ate a spoonful of the tomatoes off one piece of Bruschetta. I skipped the salad because it didn't sound that great minus the cheese, carrots, croutons and my favorite Orange Honey Mustard dressing. I ate a filet and asparagus. They brought the most wonderful loaf of freshly baked homemade yeast bread with butter (I love their bread) and I didn't have one bite. I did ask John to hand me a piece so I could touch it and smell it. LOL. Yep, I'm a food nut like you have never known. He said it was the best bread he'd ever had there, which is saying a lot. And that made me want to smell it one more time. But it didn't make me want to eat it. I have the rest of my life to eat a piece of bread. Not this week.

Today is the game and I'm sure not going to be good at B. McNeel's and then blow it on a greasy corn dog. So I think I'm in good shape for another day!

I need to get back to posting about the book and less about the diet. But I will keep you updated. To those in my small group: Wasn't Allen's sermon outstanding this weekend? I love the way he challenges us to live a life of obedience from our hearts.