Day 4

After three days on South Beach (no cheating so far), I have lost FIVE pounds! And it's true that there is an immediate loss in the tummy. I have not felt this thin all summer. I always thought I was genetically predisposed not to have a flat stomach. But now I'm thinking it's more about the kinds of foods I eat (not even necessarily how much I eat).

Five pounds is what I've gained. So I am now back to my usual weight. But I have no desire to go off the diet because I feel so good, I don't want to risk gaining any of it back. I also have a good start on losing a few additional pounds. This diet works so well and is not that hard. So I'm thinking I would love to lose an additional five and learn to maintain that through my food choices.

I'm bored with what I'm eating. But I have not had a single craving for anything that I can't eat. Rebecca and I went to Calypso yesterday and I had a chicken and veggie low carb salad with no cheese. I asked them to substitute slivered almonds. And I used minimal low carb spicy ranch dressing on it. I did not even use 2 Tablespoons of dressing and it tasted fantastic to me. It was the first meal I felt like I wasn't eating a diet meal. I will have that again. For dinner, I made my Pasta Fagiole soup without pasta and carrots. All the other ingredients were allowable foods and I just needed a break from protein/veggies/salad. I needed more flavor. I ate one bowl and it tasted so good. The only hard part was watching John eat peanut butter crackers wth his soup, since I can't have crackers! (I am the one who hooked him on Ritz crackers with PB.)

I look forward to adding back high fiber cereal with blueberries and whole grain bread. But I'm not craving bad carbs! I doubt I will ever look at a white potato, pasta or rice the same way after learning how they affect my weight and blood chemistry -- even when I'm not "dieting." I will eat these things only occasionally and in smaller quantities. I actually like whole wheat pasta. I will never look at my beloved Risotto at B. McNeel's the same, either. That little scoop probably isn't worth how good it tastes. (Notice I said probably. Every once in a while, it might be. Ha Ha.)

Anyway, that's how I'm doing. I am not even tempted to go off the diet. I don't know that I will stay on Phase 1 for a full 14 days because I probably won't need to. But I will only be switching to Phase 2 so I can have a carb balance/high fiber tortilla or my cereal with blueberries. I will not be eating sugar and bad carbs. I'm sure we'll go out to dinner as we normally do this weekend. But I've already been thinking ahead about what I can have when we do and where I would have the best choices. I am so glad my sister in law told me about this diet. It was just the jump start I needed.