Except for having to get older...

...I love birthdays. What's not to love? This has been a full day of receiving birthday greetings (phone calls, cards and Facebook messages) and having people tell me they love me. Since I woke up this morning, I have been inundated with kind words. I feel loved and valued and special to many. And I don't mind admitting that I've enjoyed every second of it. It's been a fantastic day from beginning to end.

Nearly eight years ago, God transplanted me into this beautiful life in Murfreesboro with John. He alone is a tremendous gift. But through my relationship with him, I have been additionally blessed with a wealth of dear friends (and family) I never would have even met if I hadn't first met John. I can't begin to describe what a package of "dreams come true" my life is today.

I still have some very dear friends from "life before John" as well. They are forever friends. And I heard from many of them today, too. Even some I didn't expect to hear from, which was a nice surprise. Friends took me to lunch. John took me to dinner. On the way home, my cell phone rang and it was my cousin Mike. I answered, "Hello! This is the birthday girl!" And John said, "Oh, brother." LOL. It's been that kind of a day. Just pure fun from start to finish. I am the kind of person who tells you (and pretty much everybody) what I think or feel or need or whatever. And I told John early in our relationship, "I know you are the kind of person who doesn't want a lot of attention on your birthday, but I'm not like you. I do like to feel special on my birthday. And I don't mind admitting it."

So when we got home from my birthday dinner, John teased, "Well, Dear, you go back to being an ordinary person tomorrow. Do you think you can handle it?"

Yeah, I can. I've enjoyed being queen for a day. But my ordinary days are pretty darn good, too!


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