Travel Companions

Breakfast in the hotels was always a beautiful buffet of fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, pastries, cheeses, granola, eggs, potatoes, pancakes, French Toast, yogurt, juices, and more. The one meal where I did have a little self-control was breakfast because I didn't want to start the day miserable. I ate lots of granola and only small tastes of pastries. But I was told I missed out on some amazing French Toast at this hotel and I still regret that. ; ) I did not take any pictures of the food, as I am known to do on occasion.

These are some of our friends having breakfast.
Dean, Donna, Lee and Evan... Charlie Jr., George and Betty...
Back on the bus,
Debbie and John...
Charlie and Hazel...Us...

In addition to the spiritual experience of being in all of these Biblical settings, we had so much fun with an absolutely fabulous group of church friends. I will cherish these memories and friendships forever.


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