Masada, continued...

Going back through my pictures, I realize that a lot of them (from Masada) won't have much meaning to someone who has not visited this site. I remember just enough to know kind of what I'm looking at. But I don't remember enough of the details to really explain what is in each picture. I've got numerous pictures of walls, for instance. One shows how they plastered over the rocks. Others show a line where the original excavation ends and a rebuilt portion begins. I'm not sure all of that is particularly interesting to everyone checking my blog. But if you are interested in more details about this site, the link I posted below also has some good pictures with explanations.

This is a picture of the bath house at Masada. They are all pretty much the same and built to codes.
I can't believe I don't remember what this next picture is of. If any of you who have been to Israel can remember, please refresh my memory or add a comment. I'm just coming up blank...which happens to me a lot, come to think of it.
I loved taking candid shots of our group listening to Ronny...
Here Ronny is telling us the end of the Masada story in the actual location where the end occurred and the skeletons were found.


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